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Snowed in and Loving It!

        How we're doing:

We're back in our house in Vermont... and that's where we're staying! We've changed our QOL [Quality of Life] equation to give more emphasis to WHERE we live, and le ss to making money! I keep busy doing documentation and tech support for my old company, ASCEND [] and that's working out pretty well. I have to go down to the Boston office about once a week, but otherwise I work out of the house.

        Ko is great:

As hard as it is, adopting Ko has to be the best thing we've ever done in our lives. He's 2 & change [the terrible twos!] but they aren't that terrible. Ko has to be the strongest 2 year old I've ever seen. Of course, the way he eats... it's all turning into muscle! He's got his own room now, and we've turned another upstairs bedroom into a kind-of sitting room. That's where the TV is, etc. We've got a pullout futon there, so come visit!

        Edie News

Edie is becoming a real healer. Not counting the practice she gets on me, even! This summer, Edie got certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist [cool, no?] and now she's working at a TCM [traditional chinese medicine] place, the Windham Wellness Center, learning about Chinese Herbs. She's also working very-part-time at the Brattleboro COOP in the Vitamin and Herb section, so she gets to practice what she's learning!

        My Medical Woes

For several years now, I've been dealing with some nasty problems in my right foot. I've seen so many specialists and none of them could help me. Finally, Dr. Niccoli in Alameda, CA diagnosed me as having "tarsal tunnel syndrome". Kind of like Carpal tunnel, but for the feet. I went in for surgery, and, sure enough, they found a whole bunch of ganglion cysts. One of them was the size of a walnut! So, big incision [about 8" long] and major recovery stuff. While I'm banging around with crutches, I blow a disk in my back. My left leg was partially paralyzed; I had to learn how to walk again! Anyway, I am getting better, but it's a very slow process. I still can't feel the outside of my left foot, which makes it hard to walk. But I can walk some, and drive a car, etc., so I'm not totally housebound. I start "pool therapy" soon, should be fun!

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