Modem Related Links

A collected glossary of Modem and Fax terms: Not exhaustive, but exhausting....
ASCEND modem FAQs: I wrote most of these!
Curt's High Speed Modems FAQ : One of the top 500 sites...
Navas 28800k-56k Modem FAQ : One of the most respected modem sites on the Web
The Buggy USR Sportster : Think once, think twice....
56K.COM-56K Modem Home Page : Commercial, but a really good site

Modem FAQs and other Burning Issues

I've "opened" a modem in an Ascend Terminal Server. Now I'm stuck. How do I get out?: Here's how!
How do I turn off K56?: Here's how!
What does it all mean?: A collection of Modem, Fax and Scanning terms

Rockwell/K56 Modems | X2 Modems | Dead links?

Rockwell & K56 type modems
Apex Data: Update info Motorola: Home
Archtek (SmartLink Modems): Home Motorola Modems:
Banksia: Home Multi-Tech: Home
Best Data: Home Multi-Tech: See also....
Boca Research Home Page: Home Multi-Tech FTP site: Update info
Cardinal: Home K56 Consortium: Where to start for K56 stuff
Cardinal Technologies: Update info PCtel: Home
Diamond Multimedia/Supra: Update info Practical Peripherals: Home
E-Tech: Update info Practical Peripherals : Update info
Global Village: Home Quantum Data Systems: Home
Global Village Customer Support: Rockwell Semiconductor Systems-K56: K56flex!
Global Village TelePort K56flex : Update info Rockwell Modems: Online Documentation
Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.: Accura & Optima Welcome to the Supra InfoBahn: My favorite modems!
Hayes Accura: [see for info] Telebit: Update info
Intertex: Update info Xircom: Update info
MIN Communications: Home Zoltrix: Home
Logicode: Home Zoom Telephonics: Home
Megahertz Modems: Home Zoom: Update info
Microcom: Update info ZyXEL: Home
Microcom: Home  

X2 56K [USR] related links

Global Village TelePort x2 : See it's Rockwell cousin, above....
Megahertz : Software update area
U.S. Robotics [USR]: Modem Update Wizard

Dead Links

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