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Too Much Snow - I've had enough of this Winter. The count:

1 pranged SAAB 9000t
$500 of undercarriage Fragilium on the SAAB 9-5
1 Carriage House
1 SAAB Sonett
2 lawnmowers
1 Sonett Body and Nose

Numerous bruises and overall exhaustion

On Saturday, we went out shopping and came back to this The rear of the structure collapsed, crushing everything underneath
Such as this 1974 SAAB Sonett III - original body, all original glass. It's too dangerous to get to it yet, but it looks like the rear is crushed. The hatch is definitely caved in. Another squished Sonett shot.
The John Deere fared a little better - looks like it's mostly there, but the seat, steering wheel, some of the rear sheet metal and the hood are squished Close-up of the tractor
This WAS a perfectly good body from another Sonett. The hood is back there somewhere - condition unknown Walking away shot
You can see how the whole front could come down at any time. This is the other side of the barn, showing the other carriage house.
This has cracked beams too - Hopefully this side will stay up! Another cracked beam shot.

Saturday, March 8th, 2003

Jeff in a Hat
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