Mission Statement 
PeaceTek's mission is to provide technological services to organizations and individuals which promote Peace and Social Justice. PeaceTek currently serves the greater Brattleboro Vermont area but is not limited to southern New England. The main function of PeaceTek is to recycle computer and telephony equipment and provide said equipment and related services at no-cost or low-cost to those in need. 



PeaceTek is taking a break for awhile while we move.
We are not accepting donations at this time.

A Word of Thanks 
PeaceTek would like to thank the following donors:
Vermouth Computers
Educational Discount Software
Ascend Communications
The Rotary Club of Brattleboro VT
Lex Kontrovitz
Peggy Alexander
EIL Federation office [Putney VT]
The School for International Training [SIT] 

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My URL: http://welcome.to/PeaceTek
I got it for free at http://come.to
Why Mac?
How does it work? 
PeaceTek accepts donations of used equipment, refubishes, canabalizes and transmogrifies junk into something that someone can use. This includes PC's and Macs, as well as other computers; printers, fax machines, telephones and other telephony equipment; copiers, datacom and networking devices and anything else that could be useful. We are working on our 501c3 tax status so that we can offer folks tax credit for their donation, but in the meantime, we just take what we can and go with that. Since PeaceTek is brand new, we don't have a lot of stock, but that should change through time. 

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