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Most of what is on this page comes from The SAAB 90 Site, the work of Tony Lloyd across the pond. Since the 90 was never imported into the US, I've never seen one. As Tony says: "If you've heard of the 90, the chances are it's from one place. The 90 achieved notoriety by being covered by the same Haynes manual as the popular 99 and 900 models. (Parents to the freakish love child 90)." A great quote, eh? So, what does the "freakish love child" look like?
SAAB Press Photo - SAAB 90
More details available at the SAAB 90 site:
~ Factoids ~

Introduced 1985
Discontinued 1987 [total of 25,378 built]
Engine: 1.9 Liter Carburetted 100hp in-line 4
Transmission: 4 or 5 speed manual
First year that all cars had the new SAAB-Scania badge.
Everything from the B pillar forward was from a 99, everything behind the B pillar was identical to the 900 two door also released that year.
According to Car Magazine, July 1985 "SAAB 90 (2dr) 101 mph, 12.9 sec 0-60, 21.7/38.0/28.0 mpg."

SAAB 90 Scandia SAS 5Of course, just to be confusing, there was another SAAB 90 - the SAAB 90 Scandia. Only 18 were ever made, according to the Zivile Luftfart site. More SAAB Scandia/90...
1985 SAAB 90 Sales BrochureSAAB Central has a scan of the 1985 Sales Brochure on line...
1985 SAAB 90 - BlueLooks pretty good with those Inca wheels on it! From:
1985 SAAB 90 - Red
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SAAB Press Photo - SAAB 90
1985 SAAB 90 - white
1985 SAAB 90 - Turbo
1985 SAAB 90 - Orange
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1985 SAAB 90 - Black1985 SAAB 90 - Black
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Saab 90 Scandia, built in 18 numbers for 24-32 passengers.
First flight 16 th Nov 1946
SAAB 90 Scandia
Date Unknown Photographer: Rolf Wall
Courtesy & © the SAAB AB
SAAB 90 Scandia
Date: 1948 Photographer: Algård
Courtesy & © the SAAB AB

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