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What can I say? Yet another orphan 9000 has come out way. Same old story, perfectly fine 9000, backed into by a pickup. Where are those universal bumper height laws? Eduardo [the grey one] has a rattly timing chain, a marginal tranny, and lots of dents and rust. The white one, which I'm calling "Q" is in very nice condition, for a 17 year old car with 198kmiles on it. The plan? Take the bits of Eduardo off that Q needs, paint the hood and save one of these "classic" 9000's! First, some pix of Eduardo [click for full size]:
Eduardo, the dead grey 9000 Eduardo, the dead grey 9000 Eduardo, the dead grey 9000 
Eduardo, the dead grey 9000 Eduardo, the dead grey 9000 Eduardo, the dead grey 9000
Now, some pics of Q: First, some shots in it's "dead" state, then a couple "assembled". As you can see, the hood was damaged beyond resonable repair, lights and grill toasted, etc.
Q - the two tone 9000  Q - the two tone 9000  Q - the two tone 9000
Q - the two tone 9000  Q - the two tone 9000  Q - the two tone 9000
I was able to get most of the wrinkle on the right fender out, the radiator support was pretty tweaked - lots of whacking and bending there - lights from Eduardo, grill from an '86 that has long since gone to Saabhalla, fogs from my 'vert [I want some nice new ones for the WSAABI anyway], and get the *(&$@&@$)& hood aligned, and, voila! A car!
Q reborn! Q reborn! Q reborn!  Q reborn with her younger cousin
After getting the hood on straight, some sorely needed motor mounts and miscelaneous tune up items, the next obvious thing is some LIGHT - Classic 9000's are notorious for useless headlights, nothing like a set of Hella 500's to solve that! Thanks to Mike White for fabbing up some really nice brackets that are so small and tight, they're almost invisible.
Q with Hella 500's  Q with Hella 500's Q with Hella 500's  Q with Hella 500's - the bracket

The question is, what to do with it? Once I get the hood right [I may have to swap the front support - it's more buggered up than I thought!] I'll be able to drive it down to the town hall to register it... but, as I said, then what? Sell it? Keep it as a Vinter Beater???

Send in your votes!
Update! Slapped some snows on it, and it's now "Q, the Vinter Beater"

In the heart of old Chevy Pickups, lies a SAAB...

The Heart of a Chevy is a SAAB The Heart of a Chevy is a SAAB

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