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On June 10th, 1947, SAAB showed the world the prototype, but the first run of 20 cars did not leave the Trollhättan factory until Summer 1949 and full scale production wasn't until December. The car was available in only one color: green. 
Directional arrows standard, lights optional!. 6-volt electrical system. Total weight 805 kg. Length 3950 mm, width 1620 mm, height 1450 mm. Wheelbase 2470 mm Track 1180 mm. 
The 92 had a two cylinder, two stroke, 764 cm3, 25/28 hp engine based on a DKW design. The aerodynamic shape gave the car a drag coefficient of 0.35 . One odd thing was the absence of a boot lid. Access to the luggage compartment [which also contained the battery] was via the back seat.  An improved model, the 92B was introduced Autumn, 1952.
See 'Model Identification' below.

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SAAB 92 at Monte Carlo
 Model Identification

SAAB 92 Profile
Serial Number
Saab 92 1950 1 - 700
Saab 92 1951 701 - 1469
Saab 92 1952 1470 - 5300
Saab 92B 1953 5301 - 8000
Saab 92B 1954 8001 - 12000
Saab 92B 1955 12001 - 19625
Saab 92B 1956 19626 - 20132

When a plane was a SAAB and a SAAB was a plane...
195x-saab-92-n-plane  195x-saab-92-n-plane
 swedish airforce roundel

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