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From SAAB Global:
Styled by Sixten Sason, the Saab 93 was a radical redesign of the Saab 92, and featured a new transmission and tubeless tyres. It was fitted with a longitudinally mounted three-cylinder two-stroke engine, and became the first Saab to be exported outside of Sweden, with most exports going to the United States. The 748cc engine delivered 33 bhp, which was increased to 38 bhp for the 93B model of September 1957. Two-point seatbelts were introduced as an option, and the two-piece windshield was replaced by a single piece of glass. The car gave Saab its first taste of motor sport success when Erik Carlsson won both the Finnish and Swedish Rallies in his modified 65 bhp Saab 93.
FAQs: Introduced December 1955. A 748cc 33hp 3 cylinder engine replaced the original 2 cylinder unit. Coil suspension was used instead of torsion bars. Total weight 810 kg. Length 4010 mm, width 1570 mm, height 1450 mm. Wheelbase 2488 mm, Track 1220 mm. A 45 hp version called the GT750 was introduced in 1958. Tips from Chip Lamb:
1956-7:  93  (Suicide Doors, Split Windscreen)

1958-9: 93B (Suicide Doors, 1-pc Windscreen)
1960:  93F ("Normal" Doors, 1-pc Windscreen)
See 'Model Identification' below.
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195x-saab-93-black 1959-saab-93b-tomato1.1959-saab-93b-tomato4 195x SAAB 96F White
Bob's ex-Trollhättan Museum SAAB 93 at auto show
1958 SAAB 760 Gran Turismo, from SAAB Global:
This model was, in essence, a considerably trimmed Saab 93, and was launched at the 1958 New York Motorshow. It was the first production-built Saab sports car and the first car to have factory fitted seatbelts as standard – something we simply take for granted today!
1958 SAAB GT 750 1958 SAAB 93 750 GT Brochure cover
Vintage Racing!

From a 1957 Brochure
1957 SAAB 93 Brochure
 1957 SAAB 93 Brochure 1957 SAAB 93 Brochure
GRETZ beer!
Gretz beer can  Gretz beer can Gretz beer can
1957 saab 93 french ad 

 Model Identification

SAAB 93 Profile
Serial Number
Saab 93 1956 25001 - 30060
Saab 93 1957 30061 - 36750
Saab 93B 1958 36751 - 49800
Saab 93B 1959 49801 - 66580
Saab 93F 1960 66581 - 77722
Saab 93 GT750 1958 43269 -
Saab 93 GT750 1959 - 77722

SAAB Press Release, September 3, 1957.
Ten new features of the 1958 Saab 
There are many important innovations on the new model of Saab-93 now put on the market. The most striking feature of the Saab-93B, as the new model is called, is the undivided. arched wind-screen enclosed by an elegant metal. In conjunction with the new windscreen, there are improved wind-screen wipers, which have a considerably expanded cleaning surface. A three-position, vertically adjustable back seat is an advancement that many will appreciate. In the highest position even the small children get a good view. Double-acting door stops prevent the doors from closing as passengers enter. The doors also have an American type safety-lock, which keeps them from springing open if the door becomes deformed. Attachments for safety-belts are now standard. Further, the hand brake lever has been raised 10 cm to make it more convenient to reach. Another feature of the car is a self-mixing petrol tank, and in addition it is now possible to reduce the oil admixture in the petrol to 3 % or 1 l. oil to 33 l. petrol. The Saab-93B is also equipped with blinkers.

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