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SAAB Quantum / Formula Junior
Row of Quantums-2
Quantum Number 2
Row of Quantums-1
Mark Rosenberg's 1964 Quantum
Mixed Rare Saab Nuts
SAAB Formula Junior
SAAB Catharina
1965-saab-catharina 1965-saab-catharina-rear
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Chopped 99 - click below for the story & more pictures!
The famous chopped 99!The famous chopped 99!
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Phil Lacefield's SAAB Go Cart!
Phil Lacefield's SAAB Go Cart!  Phil Lacefield's SAAB Go Cart!
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The Skip Barber IMSA/CART cars
 Skip Barber SAAB CART Skip Barber SAAB CART Skip Barber SAAB CART Skip Barber SAAB CART

Skip Barber SAAB CART


A brief History by Bob Sinclair - snippets:

Soon after moving into the corner office at Saab in May of 1979 I was already thinking of ways to get Saab involved in serious motorsports in the United States. During that era, the IMSA GTP series was getting headlines, with huge attendance at each event. ...One morning Saab Cars USA, Inc. PR boss Len Lonnegren happened to mention he had heard Skip Barber was planning to launch an open-wheel "spec car" race series, and that it was to run on the same IMSA programs as the GTPs and Camel Lights! I phoned Skip and invited him to come have lunch with me, mentioning I had heard about his plans for a new series, and that I would like to know more about it. Over lunch I learned he had a deal to use small displacement 1600 cc Dodge engines, naturally aspirated; but that nothing had been signed as yet. I asked he didn't think turbocharged Saab engines sounded a lot better. We briefly discussed this concept, with me allowing that I might be able to handle supplying the number of engines and spare parts he needed for the planned 30 cars to be built by Mondial in Northern Ireland. I of course had no authorization to do any such thing. But then, nobody in Sweden had told me I couldn't, either. :-) Continued....

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The Infamous SAAB-Lancia A112 and 600 GL and GLE!
SAAB-Lancia A112 SAAB-Lancia 600 SAAB-Lancia 600

Yes, it really says "SAAB LANCIA". According to Larry West, SAAB sold these Lancia's in Sweden. One was badged the Saab-Lancia 600, the other just Lancia A112. Saab wound up selling them as part of the joint development effort with Fiat SpA. This development program resulted in the Saab 9000, the Lancia Thema and Chroma, and the Alfa-Romeo 164. This might also be the same as the Lancia Delta. If anyone has more info, please send it on!
Ingemar Nääs has a picture of an HO SL600 as a police car! Nordland makes a model as well.
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SAAB Car Haulers
Photos Courtesy and
© Martin Bergstrand, Svenska Saabregistret

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Since SAABs have front wheel drive, cutting them up and stretching them is entirely feasable, as demonstrated by these pics:
9000 CSE Stretch Limo in London, UK
Photo Courtesy of TSN Member Ulf Wolfsgruber

SAAB 9000 CSE Stretch Limo SAAB 9000 CSE Stretch Limo
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900 Stretch Limo in the UK - Sold!

Text from the advert...

This vehicle is 21ft long, right-hand drive, 2 litre, 16v turbo automatic. Comes with remote colour TV (reception not great!), CD player, decanter and glasses. Grey leather interior. 6 mths tax and tested. Blacked out rear windows, sun-roof. Seats 6 with mood lighting. It is a one-off (to my knowledge), built by a Saab specialist. Consists of an 1989 car which was altered in 1999 and registered in 2001. Because of the extent of the work done, DVLA has placed it on a 'Q' plate. Some paperwork available. Mileage is 76,000. As you can see via photos, it has been used as a 2nd car for weddings. I have owned the vehicle for 6 mths and have upgraded to a cadillac. Unable to keep three limousines! So one must go! This vehicle is ready to go and earn YOU money. The condition, in my view, is good, bodywork and interior are good.Mechanical side has always been reliable. Fun to drive! This vehicle is advertised elsewhere, therefore I reserve the right to remove this from auction at any time. Please remember that is a one-off!! Any questions or more photos, please email. Sold for £3,000.00 Sep, 2004 in the UK.

A SAAB Hearse from Coleman-Milne (UK)
SAAB 9-5 Hearse

SAAB 95 Trailer
More on this little beauty can be found at Wikepedia.

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