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Back in the heydey of the 99, the hot wheels to have were the Ronal Silverspoke, Silvervane and Goldvane wheels. As has been noted elsewhere, these were American "copies" of the SAAB Factory Minilite wheels. Well, guess what, there was another copy of that copy! GB produced this wheel:
GB wheels for 99 or early 900
/saab-wheels/GB/saab-gb-wheels-1-tn.jpg The story I have is that they were about $75/wheel [dealer price] which made them cheaper than either the Ronals or the Minilites. They are softer, though, making them nice for street use, but, unlike the Ronals, completely unsuited for Rally use.
They also came with some nice lug nuts that had a cap on them [sorry for the bad picture], which really made these a sharp looking wheel.
Fancy nuts for GB wheels
Here's some shots of the wheels on the "donor" car. I tried to give this car away...
SAAB 99 with GB wheels SAAB 99 with GB wheels
...but NO takers - it has gone to SAABHalla...
SAAB 99 with GB wheels

Doug Majka sent me this picture of his lovely 99 with the GB wheels. His story:

Hey Jeff,

I've been on your wheel site 100's of times before, and tonight was the first time I've seen your page on the GB wheels. I bought a set of GB's sometime back in the mid to late 80's from a kid who had them on his '72 99, and ran them on my '74 EMS for many years, until they found their way onto my '73. I did have an incident with one of the wheels sometime in the late 80's when one of them got bent, and I was able to find the company that produced them. They were based out of Washington State, but for the life of me I don't recall anything more. The replacement wheel cost me $125 at the time, which was kind of steep to me since I only paid $200 for the set of four. I bit the bullet at the time and bought it any way.
I've been to lots of shows, and have seen thousands of pictures of Saabs, but have never seen another set of those wheels around. I thought I might have been the last to own a set until I saw the pics on your site. If I get a chance I'll see if I can dig up some info on the company I bought the wheels from.

Take care. Doug Majka in Ohio

Doug Majka's 99 with GB wheels
If anyone has more info on these, please let me know!

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