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Primax 618 16"x7" Wheels and Fit Kit for a SAAB 900/9000
Sorry! These are already sold...
Includes: 5 rims, "fit kit", special lug tool and set of "bulgy nuts" for your
winter /steel rims! $400 plus actual shipping - what a deal! I'm keeping the tires.

I have a set of Primax 618 Wheels for sale. I have 5 of them - yes 5! I'm asking $400 + shipping - includes fit kit, tool and "bulgy nuts" for your winter steel wheels [you do have steel wheels for winter, right?]

Wheel measures 16" X 7" and fits FWD vehicles
Bolt Pattern: 4x100 or 4x114.3 (4.5")
Offset: 38mm

The tires are Dean Quasar Plus 205/55/R16's 89S - they're all in great shape, one tire is almost new [only a few thousand miles on it!]. They were very quiet and behaved well in wet weather.

A couple of the rims have a little road rash...
more details of the rash...
This is what they look like without the rash and with the "red" caps:
Here's one set of the fit kit. Note how the bottom is larger than the top. These go into the SAAB hub [using a 3/16" allen wrench] and then you have a 1/2" stud! Neat!
Another shot of the studs. Yes, this is the back of my Convertible. note the pile of snow that's about 8 feet high...
These are the "tuner lugs" and the fit ring. These lugs are available in colors [neat] and there are some other options from McGard. The ring is just to keep the water/dirt out - you put it on the hub before putting on the wheel.
Another shot of the lugs...

Here's the special tool with a couple of the "bulgy nuts" which allow you to put a SAAB steel rim right on the car as shown in this picture [gee, why am I selling my rims?]

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