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The Death of Zippy

Summer of 2007 I finally got my 96 roadworthy. Then it caught on fire.
First, where - Rte. 101 & Optical Ave, Keene, NH, USA, Earth. Sol, Milky Way, Baryonic Universe...

The furthest spot is where the right tire exploded

The fire was hot enough to melt the tarmac - the shiny bits are molten blobs of aluminum

Then, with the wiring and battery completely melted, the car started itself up and kept driving

Detail of the red hot rim melting it's way in, and more blobs of molten SAAB

More melt

A final look back at the carnage [sic]

The end result - for you political junkies out there, that's Granny D's campaign van

Between the smoke and water damage, there was nothing to save

The lesson? Take a GOOD look at your fuel lines on your V4!

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