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This is the archive of the ad where I sold my little red SAAB....
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The front-Check out the Super Incas! Galileo Side
The rear-junk is extra! Galileo Rear
The front again... Galileo Front

My Red 1984 900t 4 door needed a good home. 
Body is in excellent shape. Couple of parking lot dings. Otherwise rust free. Underside is good as well. It's a perky little car, excellent history. We wanted our babysitter to have a good, safe car and gave her this one, at which point it immediately started leaking oil like crazy. So we took this one back and swapped her for my wife's '87 9000 [the Silver Slug]. What do they say, no good deed goes unpunished? Anyway, the facts:
120k-ish miles 3 speed autotragic [swapped a re-built one in last year] Well maintained, mechanically great with the following exceptions:
1. Needs RF caliper. Gone beyond clunk, now seizes if you brake going backwards.
2. Timing chain gasket sprung a leak. This was the straw that broke my camel back..
Inside is functional, but the drivers seat is pretty cracked and the middle of the rear seat is chewed [baby seat wore out the middle piece]
Everything works, electric windows, AC, fogs, Turbo, all that stuff... Decent snows on steel rims, pretty dead Michellins on Super Incas [missing one hubcap] Car runs, drives, just pees a lot of oil! My mech says it's a "pull the engine for a $50 gasket" and I'm just not going to do it when we have three other Saabs with various to-do lists going. 

And no, the convertible is NOT for sale.... not yet anyway....

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