1988 SAAB 900T Convertible-SOLD!
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The Good
1988 black/tan
Turbo 5sp [was an auto]
133k-ish miles
NEW TOP !!!! Did I mention it has a NEW TOP!!!!
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible 
Just had the driver seat re-stitched - seats look great!
Nice NEW factory-SAAB floor mats [out of a newer 900].
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible
CD player, good speakers, power antenna works perfectly.
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible
Very solid body, no obvious or major rust.
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible 

Goes like spit... a real pleasure to drive!
Factory Bosch fog lights.

1988 SAAB 900T Convertible
Has the boot cover!!!! Really, it comes with the hard plastic cover for the top, and the carrying case!!!
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible
The Bad
Top is slow to go up/down [probably just needs some fluid]
Bumpers and interior are a bit sun faded.
Misc. wear and tear - it is 17 year old car!
Original 24-spoke "Turbo" wheels, but SPG wheels *might* be available, depending on negotiations.
The Ugly
Has an 85MPH speedo [weird] - I might be able to find another instrument cluster to replace this.

1988 SAAB 900T Convertible
Visors are shot [sun damage]- one is in the trunk.
Update: Replaced passenger visor!
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible
Hood has a paint crack
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible
One tiny rust bubble I found on upper door.
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible

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