SAAB 900 Convertible-First Generation Pictures
I've owned a few 900's... this is my first Convertible!
1994 900s CV [WSAABI]
 900-Classic  . 9000 

WSAABI-low res What can I say? This is my favorite car of all time. I've wanted a 'vert ever since they came out. Yes, it's an "S" and an Automatic, but I still love it! The Eucalyptus green looks fabulous and the addition of SPG wheels has completed the look. When the auto dies, I'll convert it to a 5-speed.
Improvements: SPG wheels, Blaupunkt CD player in the dash, factory mudflaps, Hella fogs, "sport" exhaust, middle seat belt [for child seat/dog harness]. Next updates: Header and a K&N filter [air in, air out!]

WSAABI Right FrontWSAABI Right SideWSAABI  Right RearWSAABI Rear
WSAABI Left RearWSAABI Left Side WSAABI Left FrontWSAABI FrontWSAABI Right Front Up
WSAABI Right Side UpWSAABI Right Rear UpWSAABI Left Side Up WSAABI Dash
1988 SAAB 900T Convertible-SOLD!
Sorry, it found a new home! Location: Southern New Hampshire
Click here for more info and pix!

Other Folks Convertibles...

The highly desirable 1988 "Springtime in Sweden" edition
SAAB 900 Springtime in Sweden Convertible  SAAB 900 Springtime in Sweden Convertible

The most lusted after SAAB Convertible ever made, the 1991 SE or "Special Edition".
1991 SAAB 900 "Bumblebee" Special Edition Convertible - Euro 1991 SAAB 900 "Bumblebee" Special Edition Convertible - Euro Convertible Row
1991 SAAB 900 "Bumblebee" Special Edition Convertible - US 1991 SAAB 900 "Bumblebee" Special Edition Convertible - US 1991 SAAB 900 "Bumblebee" Special Edition Convertible - US 1991 SAAB 900 Plantana Gray SE - Special Edition Convertible - US
Misc 'verts...
SAAB 900 Classic Turbo Convertible  
1987 SAAB 900 Cabrio  SAAB 900 Convertible - 1993 SAAB 900 Convertible - 1993 Drop your top!
JC's lovely French convertible  JC's lovely French convertible DeCarlo Wilkin's SaaperB 1994 900 S
"JC"'s lovely 'vert - with some belle shots from France!
SAAB 900T Convertible - 1988  SAAB 900T Convertible - 1988 SAAB 900T Convertible - 1988 SAAB 900T Convertible - 1988  SAAB 900T Convertible - 1988
Neil Plucknett's "new" 1990 Cabrio in the UK - congrats!
Neil Plucknett's Cabrio Neil Plucknett's Cabrio Neil Plucknett's Cabrio
Neil Plucknett's Cabrio Neil Plucknett's Cabrio Neil Plucknett's Cabrio
Stephen Lewis sends in his wife's lovely black cabrio, and one he recently sold which has the "fat" 3-spoke 9000 wheels - I think they look great!
Stephen Lewis Cabrio  Stephen Lewis Cabrio Stephen Lewis Cabrio
Stephen also has a fabulous 900 2-door Aero!
SAAB Classic Convertibles in the Movies!
 Wu Bai as Jack in Tristar's Time and Tide-2001  Veronica Yip in Call Girl 92
More info on the Special Convertibles - liberally liberated from Larry West.
The convertible made its debut in 1986, although it was presented to the automotive press a few years before this at the 1983 Frankfurt Auto Show (jaws dropped on the floor). In 1988, Saab presented the Springtime in Sweden Limited Edition Convertible. Like the 1991 SE, below, many people refer to these as "SPGs". But they're not - in fact, the terms "convertible" and "SPG" are mutually exclusive. Yes, they were "de-badged", and had the ground effects, but they weren't technically SPGs. Only 288 SIS models were produced.

Then there's the 1991 900 Convertible Special Edition or SE. 662 SE's were produced - one for each US dealer plus a couple of "corporate" cars. They were tweaked with the addition of a couple items from the SPG parts bin. Often referred to as the 'Bumblebee' because of the unique Monte Carlo Yellow paint, there were others which pass usually unnoticed in Platana Grey. Because of the side skirts, the wheels, and the badge deletions like the SPG, this car is often improperly referred to as the 'SPG Convertible'. There were a limited number of these cars produced - 300 in Monte Carlo Yellow, and 362 in Platana Grey. The exterior received the 'SPG' treatment. Badge deletes, aerodynamic body mouldings, and three-spoke alloy wheels said this was no ordinary Saab Convertible.

1993 was the last year SAAB built the classic convertible, but the cars wasn't released until 1994 and the model is therefor called a 1994. To honor its many years of inspired service to driving enthusiasts worldwide, SAAB built a commemorative edition. With a black metallic exterior sporting a tan top, and a tan leather interior trimmed with black piping, the Saab 900 Convertible strook an even more stunning appearance than its predecessors. And with a 185-hp turbocharged engine, the most powerful ever offered on a 900 Convertible, it also provided a stunning example of performance.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1994 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible Commemorative Edition
From the SAAB leaflet PN 02 16 796
  • ENGINE Four cylinder; 2.0-liter engine. Breakerless electronic ignition system. Electronic fuel injection. Turbocharger with water-cooled bearing housings and integrated waste gate. Intercooler Saab APC system for continuous boost pressure control. Double overhead camshafts. Four valves per cylinder Power rating 185 bhp at 5500 rpm. Peak torque 201 ft. lb. at 2800 rpm.
  • TRANSMISSION Front wheel drive. Five-speed manual gearbox
  • CHASSIS Front: Double wishbones, with pivot-mounted, progressive action coil springs and gas shock absorbers. Stabilizer bar Rear: Lightweight, beam-type rear axle with coil springs, gas shock absorbers, two leading and two trailing arms and a Panhard rod.
  • BRAKES Disc brakes all around, ventilated in front. Asbestos-free pads. Saab Anti-lock Braking System. Power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering.
  • WHEELS Polished asymmetric wheels 5.5j x 15" light alloy. TIRES 195/60 VR15 high-speed, low profile steel belted radials.
  • LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT EPA Luggage Capacity, 10.7 cu. ft.
  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT Electrically operated top. Air-conditioning. Electrically operated front seats. Electrically adjustable door mirrors. Electrically operated windows. Cruise control. Driver's side air bag. Leather upholstery with black piping. Removable AM/FM stereo cassette and compact disc player/7-band graphic equalizer with CD changer controls. Walnut instrument panel.

Saab Cars USA, Inc. 4405-A Saab Drive P.O. Box 9000 Norcross, GA 30091

Window Sticker from a 1991 SE

Click to enlarge

SAAB 900CV SE Window Sticker

SAAB 900 CV French Launch Pin - Yellow

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