1968 SAAB Sonett II V4 [97]for sale!
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First of all, no relationship to the seller, YMMV, etc. etc. For those who were at the 2005 SOC , this Sonett showed up on a trailer on Saturday. Local guy found it in a barn and brought it over to sell. Many folks wanted it, no-one bought it. So, Ryan Emge saw it on Rte. 11, going toward Manchester Village and snapped some pix...

Here's what the sign says:
Barn Fresh, As Is - $4,500 OBO
802-824-4117 or 802-362-0948
802-236-0100 or 802-779-2039 - cells
'68 SAAB Sonett V4 4-speed

1968 SAAB Sonett II V4
The paint is in good shape, and the "rally look" actually works!
1968 SAAB Sonett II V4
The rear spoiler isn't bad either...
1968 SAAB Sonett II V4
Side pipes? Someone took the "poor man's corvette" seriously!
1968 SAAB Sonett II V4

I didn't get a good look at the underside, so who knows? Color-matched rims are a nice touch.

1968 SAAB Sonett II V4
Again - NO connection with the seller, just wanted to help this Sonett find a good home.

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