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And here's the old rusty 1972 Sonett III, recently migrated north to join the herd at Chris Moberg's Sonett Ranch
And since all things that go around, come around, I've started Jeff's Home for Orphaned Sonetts

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The Sonett II was introduced in 1966. Longitudinally mounted three cylinder, oil injected,  841 ccm two stroke engine with triple side draft carburetors, rated at 60 hp. Acceleration 0-100 km/h 12.5 sec. Top speed 150 km/h.  Wheelbase 2149 mm. Track 1219 mm. Length/width 3770/1445 mm. Curb weight 660 kg.  In 1967, 258 were manufactured. Body was 2 door fiberglass shell with a hinged nose with chrome plated latches

In  1971, the Sonett got a new grille and a black rear panel. 
In 1972, the engine was upgraded to 1700 ccm.

1973 brought big impact absorbing bumper that could stand  8 km/h without lasting deformation, pinstripes, black wiper arms and struts for the rear window. Rain trough added. Tire dimension altered from 155 to 165 SR15

In 1967 the Sonett II got a new grill with horizontally mounted bars and parking/indicator lights on either side. Nose got rubber latches. Saab emblem on the hood. New air intake/outlet for better ventilation. Small rubber overriders.  See 'Model Identification' below.
1974 was the last year for the Saab Sonett; approximately 10,000 Sonett III's were produced: 

Sonett I (SAAB 94, Sonett Super Sport)
1965 6
Total 6 (All were *prototypes*)
Sonett III (SAAB 97)
1970 303
1971 1265
1972 2000
1973 2300
1974 2483
Total 8351
Sonett II (SAAB 97)
1966 28
1967 230
Total 258
Sonett V4 (SAAB 97)
1967 70
1968 900
1969 640
Total 1610
Grand Total = 10,225

Late 1967/early 1968, the Sonett was fitted with a 1500 ccm four stroke V4 engine and renamed the Sonett V4. These cars are easily distinguished from the Sonett II by the presence of a "power" bulge on the hood, made necessary to provide clearance for the V4's air cleaner.  Acceleration 0-100 km/h 12.5 sec. Top speed 160 km/h.  Wheelbase 2149 mm. Track 1232 mm. Length/width 3770/1500 mm. Curb weight 725 kg.  Fewer than 2000 of these were ever made.

 In 1970 it was restyled by Italian Coach builder Sergio Coggida and designated the Sonett III.  Acceleration 0-100 km/h 13 sec. Top speed 165 km/h.  Wheelbase 2149 mm. Track 1232 mm. Length/width 3900/1500 mm. Curb weight 1900 lbs.

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Sonett II
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Sonett V4
1968 Sonett-Stefan Vapaa·1968-saab-97-david-prantl-467·1968-saab-97-jatkins·1968-saab-97-tdonney-681·1969-saab-97-dale-holmes
Here's one in Vermont that was for sale!

Kevin Rhodes' Sonett II V4
Kevin Rhodes' Sonett II V4 Kevin Rhodes' Sonett II V4 Kevin Rhodes' Sonett II V4 Kevin Rhodes' Sonett II V4
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Sonett III-1970/72
1971-sonett-iii·1972-sonett-iii-85-900t-ken-hudnut·1972-sonett-iii-pzielinski·The famous Yellow Thunder!
Roger Wery's lovely 1971 [check out the white leather interior!]
Roger Wery's 1971 Sonett III Roger Wery's 1971 Sonett III Roger Wery's 1971 Sonett III Roger Wery's 1971 Sonett III
Sonett III-1973
1973-sonett-iii-maroon· 1973-sonett-iii-orange· 1973-sonett-iii-orange· 1973-sonett-iii-red
·1973-sonett-iii-95·1973-sonett-iii-sbrandt·1973-saab-97-white-f·1973-saab-97-white-r  Midnight Blue SAAB Sonett
Sonett III-1974
·1974-sonett-iii-jbowen·1974-saab-97-iii-jferry·Owned by Bjorn Aberg in Sweden. Serial No is 97745002499. The second to last they built. No 2500 is parked in the museum

Sonett Years
Ephemera, etc...
1970-sonett-beaut-body-ad-tn  1971-saab-97-ideas-ad  1965 American Modeler Magazine Cover SAAB Sonett III Brochure - 1970 
SAAB Sonett II Brochure
SAAB Sonett II Brochure SAAB Sonett II Brochure SAAB Sonett II Brochure SAAB Sonett II Brochure
SAAB Sonett III Postcard - 1970
Alla SAABs Sportbilar Front Cover  Alla SAABs Sportbilar Rear Cover
Other Images
SAAB Sonett III Frame
From the Introductory Ad from 1966

1966 SAAB 97 intro article 1
1966 SAAB 97 intro article 2
1966 SAAB 97 intro article 3
The Hall of Dead Sonetts
onett 97725000040 - RIP
Sonett 97735001044 - RIP
Sonett 97725000998 - RIP
Model Identification


Serial Number
Saab Sonett II 1966 1 - 28
Saab Sonett II 1967 29 - 258
Saab Sonett V4 1967 259 - 328
Saab Sonett V4 1968 329 - 1228
Saab Sonett V4 1969 1229 - 1868
Saab Sonett III 1970 70500001 - 70500303
Saab Sonett III 1971 71500001 - 71501265
Saab Sonett III 1972 9772500001 - 97725002000
Saab Sonett III 1973 9773500001 - 97735002300
Saab Sonett III 1974 9774500001 - 97745002483

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Thanks to Thor Carlson for the bulk of the factoids and to David Prantl for the production numbers

The Sonett II "Forest Sailor"

When the sheet metal SONETT II chassis was built, it proved to have exceptional torsional strength. It was so rigid and still so light that Bjorn Karlstrom suggested that it should be used in building a lightweight amphibious off-road car which he named the ‘Forest Sailor’.


SAAB Sonett Offroad Sketch
Sonett III Color
Year(s) available
Silver Gray Metallic 1966, 67, 68  
Golden Bronze Metallic 1966, 67, 68  
Chamonix White1966, 67, 68, 69  
Monaco Red 1966, 67, 68, 69  
Blue Metallic 1968, 69  
Yellow 1969  
Monte Carlo Blue 1970, 71  
Midnight Sun Yellow 1970, 71  
Safari Green 1970, 71  
Baja Red 1970, 71, 72, 73, 74  
Butterscotch 1972  
Midnight Blue 1972, 73
Midnight Blue SAAB Sonett
Burnt Orange 1972, 73, 74
1974 Burnt Orange Sonett
California Burgundy 1973  
Sunset Yellow 1973  
Emerald Green 1973, 74  
Mellow Yellow 1974
1974 Mellow Yellow Sonett
True Blue 1974  

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