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December 2002: The red Sonett that came with the Orange one is not salvageable - there is absolutely nothing left of the frame. The tranny has gone to Chris Moberg - the engine is completely shot. There are still some good bits though - perhaps some of the pieces will find their way into the Orange one. The Orange one runs, but it needs a clutch master [and perhaps more] and there is some nastiness in the floor. Come warm weather, I'll get the clutch hydraulics going and we'll take it from there!
December 2001: Responding to an email from NESA, I contacted Ray in Milford NH to see if we could make arrangements. I roped Mike White into helping [actually, Mike did almost everything!]. Here's the orange one coming home... I'm going to stick a charger on the battery and see if the engine fires up. Wish me luck!

 Mike tows
Yes, I know, the worlds worst digital camera.....
Ratty engine  Seats aren't too bad Spare tire is good 
Out of the darkness...
Fiberglass is in great shape Fiberglass is in great shape

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The original EMAIL

From: "Carl Levine - Webmaster" <webmaster@nesaab.org>
Cc: <ray_chiffy@notes.teradyne.com>
Subject: On the 9(7)th day of Christmas...
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 16:56:10 -0500
Organization: New England Saab Association

Make your Christmas even brighter this holiday with 2 FREE Sonetts. Ray Chiffy of Milford, NH wants to give away his father's Sonetts to someone who will care for them and restore (at least one) back its original form. Here's what he has:

1. Saab Sonett III '73 - Orange. Engine runs good but transmission is a little messed up. Still has an active freewheel. Wheels and interior are in good condition but it needs a headliner. Electrical is in good working order.

2. Saab Sonett III '74 - Baja Red. Partially disassembled(body parts). Engine has not been run in a long time. Transmission has freewheel welded out, and has one of the upgrade gear packages. I have all the wheels for this one too. Interior in good shape except seats. Ran very good before it was disassembled. My father was trying to upgrade his restoration.

Both cars are in Milford NH. They would have to be towed. He does not have titles because of their age in NH there is no title required. Between the two of them, a good car can be made. Ray wants to these to go to a good home as soon as possible. Please feel free to email him directly at: ray_chiffy@notes.teradyne.com

Happy Holidays from NESA.

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The Red Project

Via Turbo, I got a lead on a SAAB listed on TSN that was near me - a couple of emails and phone calls later, it's in my barn! Good news: It cost a dollar. Oh, the engine and tranny SEEM to be in good shape - it's really unknown. Bad news: Car has serious cancer in the right rear panel. It had been hit years ago and was repaired very poorly. Everything from the B pillar back has been repainted - the clear coat is peeling badly. Donna, who's car it was, needed to keep her wheels/tires, so we brought a set over, beat the stuck rear caliper into submission, and trailered it over to my barn. I've never gotten it started. It had a funky MOMO knob [which has been traded down South] - taking that off, I broke the shifter pin, so I need to repair the shifter. I've jumpered the pump and it runs, so I think the pump relay is bad. It needs belts. The mouse belts it has are broken - I am not fixing them! So, it wait's 'till Spring! Note how the paint is different from the front to the back - the front paint is original.

The 1 Dollar SAAB!  The 1 Dollar SAAB! The 1 Dollar SAAB! The 1 Dollar SAAB!
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This cute little 1973 99L has come to live with us - it's in the shop right now getting the header welded and sway bars put on.
Good Bits: The body is remarkably strong and rust free - engine and tranny work like a charm - starts right up and runs great.
Bad Bits: The inside is very torn up - passenger seat is collapsed. It really needs a paint job. There are some little things, like the heater knob, but the first big fix is probably going to be to put new[er] seats in from a new[ER] 99/early 900.
Here you'll see Safir coming home [the great hostage tradeoff at the Mall of New Hampshire!], then Safir meets her roomates, The Orange Project and WSAABI.... The relationship to the Orange Sonett is Carl Levine, www.carllevine.com who lead me to the Sonetts, and sold me Safir!

SAFIR comes home SAFIR comes home SAFIR comes home SAFIR meets her roomates SAFIR meets her roomates

The Current Project Sonett III
The old dead-red 1972 Sonett III!

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