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I'm starting a matrix of wheels... any help is welcomed...
99 and Classic 900 4-lug Alloy Wheels
"two digit" wheels to come!
99 Inca
Silver Star
900 SPG/Aero
9000 15 Spoke A
Super Inca!
Silver Spoke
99 Soccerball
Short 15 spoke a
Short 15 Spoke b
3-spoke directional
TRX Wheels >>>>>

9000 Alloy 4-lugWheels

9000 15 Spoke A
Cross Spoke
Diamond Spoke
Silver Spoke
Short 15 Spoke b
Short 15 Spoke c
3-spoke directional
9000 3-spoke
9000 5-spoke a
9000 5-spoke b
9000 super spoke
9000 16" Aero!
Super Aero

NG 900, 9^3 and 9^5 5-lug Alloy Wheels

NG Long Spoke
NG Viking Aero

Non-SAAB and other bits and pieces

Works With
SAAB 9000 "Super Aero" - same style was available in both the 5-hole [900NG] and the 4-hole [9000] styles.
9000 Super Aero

16"x6.5", 4-hole
SAAB # 44 25 310
1998 CSE
SAAB # 44 25 310
Hubcap # 44 25 476

15"x6", 4-hole
SAAB # 45 45 687
Hubcap # 44 25 476

16"x6.5", 5-hole

1988>1993-1/2 900
1986>1998 9000
1994>1998 NG 900
1999>? 9^3/9^5 ?

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SAAB NG 900 "long spoke" - stock wheel on the base NG 900's
NG Long spoke
15"x6", 5-hole

1994>1998 NG 900
1999>? 9^3/9^5 ?

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SAAB NG 900 "long spoke" or "Viking"- stock wheel on the NG 900SET's
NG Viking Aero
16"x6.5", 5-hole

1994>1998 NG 900
1999>? 9^3/9^5 ?

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Note on Wheel Modifications - these *only* need to be done on early Soccerball/EMS wheels to fit mid 1978 & later 99s & 900s. All other wheels will bolt up to any 99 & 900. Centering may be an issue with some, and the center caps (see next item) - 900 alloy wheels after the Inca to 1987 may not properly fit the front of the 99 & 900 up through 1980 (possibly later on the 99). The wheel bolts up fine, however, the nut that holds the hub and CV together may protrude far enough to prevent mounting of the center cap. The only solution is to convert to 1981 or later 900 front spindles (hub, steering knuckle, wheel bearing, CV). Rear axle fit is fine. [Again, Thanks to Larry West!]
Note on Nuts and Bolts: Different nuts & bolts may be required for older wheels. Incas, Soccerballs, TRX & Shelby wheels use a flat-seat (shouldered) nut. All later Alloy wheels for the C900 use conical-seat nuts. The proper nuts must be used with the wheels. Also, there were, for a time, two different bolts for the later wheels. The short bolts for the steel wheels must not be used with Alloys. Long bolts can be used on either steel or alloy wheels. [Again, Thanks to Larry West!]
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